Couture Chocolate Wedding Cake Brooches
Our Range of Handcrafted, Novel, Edible Chocolate Wedding Cake Couture Decorations

Beautiful cake brooches to add to your finishing touches. Mainly made finished in gold and/or silver, these are now availble in a variety of colours, to suit your colour theme - and they are completely edible.

Edible Chocolate Wedding Cake Brooches

No matter your wedding cake, this is the professional finish, in eight (8) different designs. Used by couture cake decorators, you too can now "finish" your cakes with these "almost classic" brooches, and be in a league of your own.

Glamorous Wedding Cake Brooch

GLAMOROUS Wedding Cake Brooch
The Platinum Collection ...

Ethereal with head turning, eyecatching opulence - "Sheer bliss".


Size: 95mm across x Approx. 35mm high 

Glamorous Wedding Cake Brooch

Couture Cake Brooches

Decorating a wedding cake (professionally) or creating your own? Then this is the next best thing to putting on those finishing touches. Not only is this a "finishing item", its a focal piece too!

F O C U S   O N   D E T A I L S

Glamorous Brooch
Glamorous Brooch
Glamorous Brooch


M O R E   B R O O C H   O P T I O N S

Vivacious | Starlight | Gorgeous | Glamorous | Elegance | Sophistication | Timeless | Infinity

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Available in Eight different designs, you are sure to impress, and they can be made to suit your theme colour too.

Find more wedding cake decorations at Crystal Candy. This is an array of dazzling, edible decorations made of chocolate and icing sugar.