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It all started in 1984.... My daughter was a bored 3 year old so to keep her busy and occupied I bought some cooking chocolate, food colourants and kebab sticks and moulds of clowns. Great fun was had by all. After a while, she got bored, but I got totally inspired and it has kept me passionately busy for the last 25 years.

It began as a home industry business from my kitchen, supplying schools, flea markets and fetes with chocolate clown lollipops. My creative passion came to the fore and I started experimenting with mould making. I started making my own moulds, implementing brainstormed ideas and designs.

My "chocolate " journey expanded into the retail sweet shops and I was then asked by lodges and hotels to do personalised chocolate roomdrops. Corporate custom made logo chocolates became the next hurdle, and at this stage I was employing no less than 10 staff members on a permanent basis. My entire house was taken over by my chocolate factory. The next step. My husband and I decided to close our existing business - a health studio, and we converted the premises of the gym into a chocolate factory.

My expertise in the field of chocolate grew, my creativity wouldn't let up, we got better and better, adopting new ideas, creating new ways and producing a chocolate product that could compete in any market in the world. I have always believed in the premise.... Never stick to the rules. In fact, in the art of creativity, there are no rules.

Unique Chocolate Gifts

Locally we supply hotels, restaurants, the corporate market, weddings, special occasions, and the like. Themed dessert creations have always been my baby, and I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity of designing the desserts of many Nederberg wine Auctions, the desserts for the inauguration of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, Nelson Mandela's 85th year birthday bash at the Sandton Convention centre, the opening of the ICC in Durban, the opening of The Palace hotel at Sun City. I was also privileged to be chosen as part of the South African team on two occasions to represent South Africa at the Bocuse de Ore in Lyon, France.

The factory has also now become global. We supply Western Australia University and Conference Centre with themed dessert dishes, gift boxed custom made chocolates etc. My biggest market internationally is North America and Canada. My agents in Los Angeles have marketed my products to the corporate world, the wedding industry, the Hollywood arena, giving us the opportunity to supply unique custom made chocolates to The Grammies, The Oscars, Northrop Grummand, Wolfgang Puck Catering to name but a few.

Unique Birthday Chocolate Gifts

Our product range is extensive ... from kiddies lollipops to chocolate CDs, menus, invitations, hotel roomdrops, place card settings, chocolate dessert dishes, showpieces and statues. All made in chocolate. My factory is totally self sufficient. We do our own in-house design, layout and artwork, full colour printing, moulds, packaging, and full preparation encompassing all to the delivery of the final product. We use Belgium chocolate made by Barry Callebeut, white, milk and dark couverture. All production is handmade, from the melting of the chocolate to the pouring, the trimming, the glazing and the final packaging of the product. My staff are from the local area and have been trained from get go. They have become highly skilled in the art of chocolate creation.

25 years down the line and we are still totally passionate about each and every job we get, committed to the very best regarding product quality, taste, packaging and on time service delivery. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for every job.

Formerly known as Candy Art Connection we have been operating since 1985, supplying the hotel, catering and Corporate world with unique chocolate creations. Chocolate is our passion; for corporate gifts; theme dessert dishes; company logos; unique showpieces; as well as menus; CD's and invitations.


We are so passionate about our service excellence, state of the art quality and unique creativity, that we have been recognised internationally and are exporting world class, unique and exclusive chocolate creations to Australia, Europe and America.

We pride ourselves on spectacular world class creations in every respect.


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