Gallery - Chocolate Wedding Favours & Gifts

This is a part of our edible Chocolate Wedding Favours & Gifts Range, all made of chocolate and printed in full colour. This by no means is the limit of our creativity or range. You can imagine that with over 25 years in the business, our range and ideas are too extensive to include ont his one page :-).

To view the large image, select and click on it. You can then scroll through in sequence, all of the photos. Try using your mouse wheel to scroll while pointing at the large image).

Click on the left or right sides of the photo once it has "popped out" to call up the next photo. You can also use your arrow keys. Enjoy!

Imagine these being used at YOUR (next - if you are a decorator) wedding!


If you are looking for Edible Diamonds to add some "zing" or "zest" to your cake or table decorating, then look no further than this - in three different sizes (with 2 larger sizes available upon request).


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