Chocolate Corporate Logos - Dual Colour
Our Range of Handcrafted, Chocolate Gifts with Dual Colour Corporate Logos

Turn chocolate to your favour by incorporating your company logo into a desiged gift for your next function or event.

Corporate gifts

Dual colour logos in chocolateTalk to us ... We listen. Taking your needs, your budget, and your dreams into account, we will design a chocolate creation that will far exceed your wildest expectations. We deliver - originality, uniqueness, ultimate quality and taste to provide a product which is truly exceptional in every respect.

Not new by any means, but novel nevertheless, and when given these chocolates with logos really make an impression. And it is the kind of impression that you want to make.

Talk to us for ideas and concepts - let us be a part of your next function or occasion. 'WOW' your staff, clients or prospects with a chocolate gift that will certainly make them think favourably of you.

Corporate Logos (Dual) in Chocolate
Your branded chocolate gift ... /

Dual colour logos in chocolate

Dual colour logo in chocolate

Dual Colour Logos in chocolate
Your branded chocolate gift ...

Dual colour logos in chocolate

Corporate gifts with a dual colour logo

Chocolate Gifts
Your branded chocolate gift ...

Dual colour logos in chocolate

Many variations to carry your message

Dual Colour

These corporate gifts really work for you. First on display are our dual colour logo'd chocolate items. These are ideally suited for Premiums, Conventions, Promotions, New Product Launches, company parties, gifts and so many other motivations.

Ever wondered what to give clients or prospects without them getting suspicious? Try a logo'd chocolate as your next corporate gift idea. Yes, in dual or full colour, these are perfect tokens of appreciation, even in anticipation of something to happen.

View our Full Colour Corporate Logo items to entend your ideas and choice.

Making your special event unforgettable!

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