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... for the excellent service ...

Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service. Received my parcel yesterday afternoon. Thank you. Will be placing another order very shortly.

The chocolates taste delicious ...


The chocolates look so beautiful and taste delicious.

Warm Regards

The Menus look so nice ...

Good morning Ray,
Thank you so much for our menus, they look so nice!! I'm very excited!!
Thanks for all your trouble.
I'll def. be in touch again.
We will be putting it on an esel. Will send a photo to show you.

Thank you Ray ! ...

My daughter nearly fainted with excitement! She was waiting for me in the garage and would not go to Karate until she saw her invites!

I would tell you that you have outdone yourself but you already know you have! Thanks for a beautiful job!!!! There is now the next one to plan!

Best regards


The Chocolates were Fantastic ...

... The chocolates were fantastic ... everybody wanted to know where they were from.

I didn't get the photos from the photographer as yet, but I'll definitely send as soon as I get them.

You definitely contributed towards a fantastic, unforgettable party.

Thank you so, so much.


Thank you Alex / Ray ! ...
KAMINI - Cakes4Kiddies

Thank you for the beautiful chocolate frames and glitter balls, my cousin and her friends were really impressed and I will be contacting u for my father-in-law's 70th for November!!!!





Thank you Alex ! ...
BL - Beryls

... Thank you Alex.

Will be in touch ASAP.

Your gems are the absolute best quality I have seen !



Thanks Ray ! ...
LO - Cake Decorating Solutions

Sold 14 vials already just having the box open unpacked on the floor for less than an hour in one shop. Such a superior diamond to what we used to buy.


Hi Ray ! ...

Must be honest, when I read the email I wasn’t impressed with the chocolate box idea.  But my word, I fell in love with it when I opened the jpg.  I think it is a definite for the teachers. The teachers order will be 70 and I will go for the pralines that you supply.  The total units must be 180.

Thank you once again for your excellent service.


Hi Ray ! ...

... just want to thank you for your prompt AND efficient service on the edible diamonds.  It is not often that you get service let alone efficient!!  I phoned (supplier) and they had in stock so I will get from them. 

Please in the meantime can you mail me your full product list with prices?


Hi Ray ! ...

The function took place this morning and your chocolates were the centre of discussion.  
Once again THANK YOU!!


Hi Ray ! ...
Patsy - Marula Platinum (Pty) Ltd

Good day,

Please find proof of payment ...

Thanks once again for your excellent service!!!

Have a nice day!


Hi Ray ! ...

I hope all is well over your side of the world.

The crystal edible diamonds Michelle and I got are just beautiful !!

So beautiful that I have now almost sold out already and need some more if possible please in the next 3 weeks (we have a national sugarcraft guild conference that is attend by most of the guild members nationwide - so would love to have these to take there.


Hi Alex ! ...

Hope you don’t mind I went into

I just have to say this -

If you are creating these products yourselves these are absolutely fantastic and gorgeous - I am proud of the fact that you gave me the opportunity to sell and have it on my website. It’s truly  an honour for me to sell your products.

Thank you once again.


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